Apptimum Labs Inc.


Meets Experts

Headed by Ex Microsoft and senior developers we are an ambitious team of thinkers, designers, and architects that with the help of innovation, expertise and brainstorming take products and marketing ideas to their true potential. Through our experience in the tech space and result-driven approach, we have successfully helped our clients grow their business by building them their tech products, brands, and websites.


Our Leaders



Apptimum Labs Inc is a leading software development company located in Delaware, USA with offices in Tallin, Estonia. With over 30+ years of combined experience in software development, we are committed to developing innovative software solutions for leading enterprises in the world, helping them grow their businesses using the latest technology solutions.


We Do

The only hurdle in growing your business is not being able to find the right software development partner. Apptimum Labs take care of this for you so you can focus on what really matters – running an efficient profitable business! We help companies build scalable software with a team of world-class architects and an innovative approach to each project, so you can be confident in your success with us.